Here at Garden Pods, we understand just how important your space is. That’s why we design and manufacture bespoke garden rooms to suit any function or location. Each project is designed to compliment and enhance your outdoor space and is installed by industry experts.

Why choose a garden office?

Your time is everything. A garden office not only helps to reduce time spent commuting but could also prove to be a wise financial investment.

The average UK commuter spends 53 minutes travelling to work, totalling an average cost of £146 every month. With the national retirement age now 65 years old, that equates to a lifetime average of £80,000 and 407 days spent commuting to work. With office spaces costing between £200 to £1,400 per person per month, small businesses can also add upwards of £2,880 per annum to that cost.

By choosing a bespoke garden office space instead, a small business could save around £4,580 each year, giving you more time, more money and less stress.

That’s not the only benefit though, as our multi-purpose garden pod designs can be used for a variety of relaxing and creative hobbies. From home cinemas to arts and crafts spaces, dedicated music studios to personal gyms, micro-herb growing houses to your own hair and beauty salon, we can design a space that is ideally suited to your individual needs.

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